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After a long 8 hours flight, being jet lagged af I arrived safe and sound at home. I really miss New York, the vibe on the streets, the atmosphere, also the people. Everybody was more than kind and always so sweet and generous! For example when we arrived at the train station where we had to get off to walk to our hotel, there were SO many stairs, and I was so tired and sweaty and all kinds of not excited to walk up there with my big suitcase + hand luggage + cross body bag, there was a man walking to me asking me if I need help with my suitcase, SO NICE. I mean, it's not self-evident that people just want to help you, but I really liked that he wanted to help me. Also in all stores where I searched for something or when I tried something on, the employees were so kind and were calling me sweety and sweetheart which I never experienced before (only in the US my dad said haha). Of course there were some weird people like shouting bad words on the streets etc. but all in all the people were so nice! Another perfect example was the waiter at the breakfast in our hotel. Since day 1 I ordered the same, for the next 8 days haha. Always: "Omelette without any meat and no green peppers. And a glass of sparkling water please". From day 2 on I didn't have to ask, they just remembered and made it for me every morning :-))) Such a great service!! Also the weather was very nice, over all we had an amazing time in NYC and it was definitely perfect for the very first time :-) PS: When we arrived at the passport control the man asked me if it was my first time in America, and me smiling from one ear to the other said: YESSS, he laughed and wished me a great time haha. No doubt, I had the most perfect week in New York <3 Now I have to get back into European time zone and back to my routine (working, getting out of jet lag haha). LOVE

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