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Billy Joel! My parents were so excited when they got tickets to one of the last concerts of Billy Joel. They asked me if I wanted to go too and I said yes, because for me he is kind of a legend! He has an amazing voice and he can entertain for sure! It was so much fun listening to him, also because he let two of his band members have a solo and they were incredible as well. So talented! The guitarist sung an opera song and it was unbelievable! And then the background singer, she was also very very good! I'm not often going to concerts just because I think there are so many talented people out there and I couldn't go to all of them, but this time it was special. I really want to go to an Avicii concert though, because he is just so so amazing! One day I'll be hearing 'Wake me up' live, my all time favorite song!! You just have this one special song that makes you happy over and over again and you just don't get sick of it by any time! xx

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