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I still can't believe I'm writing this.. I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!! I really can't express how excited I am, and I still don't realise it. I mean, some are going to New York many times a year, others are LIVING there. Yesterday I drove down the road and looked to the right and the left and thought, in two days I'll be standing between huge sky scrapers and seeing more tourists than ever before in my whole entire life. And I know this sounds cheesy, but I am like a little kid at the candy shop when it comes to fulfillment of a dream. I am sure you had that feeling too when you just can't stop smiling because you know that something amazing, breathtaking and enormous is happening! In around 30 min I'll be on the airplane boarding to NYC. Still don't realise it after writing this text.. Now I have to calm down. See you in the BIG APPLE!

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