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What an exhibition! You know my love for fashion is endless and I'm always more than motivated to get to know more about this world of creativity, change and tradition of the last centuries of fashion. It truly inspires me how versatile materials and textile is and how many different cuts and final results you can do with fabric. All the fashion lovers out there might know that there is a fashion exhibition with many different brands presented at the MET in NYC, and since I had the luck to be there at the right time to visit it, I did! The exhibition was over two floors, presented on mannequins. Most of the clothes where dresses, but the most gorgeous, most beautiful, most extravagant I have ever seen in my life. In many different colors, worked with different materials like straws and techniques like 3D printed dresses I was more than overwhelmed by its beauty and perfection. They worked the dresses out with lace, flowers attached so delicately and with a bit of technology behind it (like picture 13 & 14) Behind all these dresses was a mindful thought, sometimes I asked myself why the designers had not cut the dress with long sleeves, or why did they end it at this point and why did they choose this color.. All of these dresses or clothing pieces had an idea behind it and that's what makes fashion so interesting. The exhibition ends on September 5th 2016, so if you have the chance to visit it, DO IT! xx

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