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NEW MAKE UP! Before I went to New York I wrote down a list of make up products I wanted to get in the US, not only because they are sometimes cheaper but also because there is a loooot more option! So they have this AMAZING store or even chain called "Ricky's" which is only located in NYC! There are SO many stores in NYC, it's like a drugstore but it's not! It has everything a woman's make up heart needs, like literally EVERY brand. In Germany it's quite hard to get hands on the Morphe palettes, but when I went inside Ricky's they had brushes and shadows and ugh, it was overwhelming! Then they also had Essie, EOS, Violet Voss, Colored Raine etc. EVERYTHING! I have now two stores I will always visit when I am in NYC, and one of them is Ricky's :-) The other things are from Mac (bought at Mac) and the ABH liquids and one eyeshadow and the Too Faced palette are from Sephora! :-) Read all information beneath the pictures. If you have any questions regarding a product, ask! LOVE 

I got two palettes from Morphe Brushes.
On the left is the 12S (smaller palette with 12 shades) and the 35T also matte and glitters combined! :-)

Of course I had to get something from Anastasia Beverly Hills, since it's not possible to get liquids in Germany (at least where I live and I can't order them unless I pay $$$ shipping)
I got the famous eye shadow in "Pink Champagne", which is a pinkish glitter shadow (you'll see it in a second)
Then I got two liquid lipsticks because I heard they are great! The first is a dark red/purple color called "Veronica" and a more neutral/skin colored color called "Crush", both drying completely matte.
I went to Mac Cosmetics ofc and bought a lot of Pro Palettes + inserts, since they are SO MUCH cheaper in the US than in Europe. In Germany you pay for palette + insert 25€, in the US 11$ for both, so a lot less, also converted in European currency! I think they are the best for customized palettes!
Speaking of cheaper products I also bought 4 new shades for the palette I already started customizing (already shared the first 2 I bought in Vienna). They are 6$ each, so also compared to European prices a lot cheaper, because here you pay 15€ for one (!). So at the end, adding taxes on the 6$ and converting it into European currency you pay 5€ something! :-)
From left to right: Woodwinked, Honey lust, Shroom, Satin Taupe. All shown in a second!
Here you have my current customized palette. From top to bottom, left to right: Handwritten, Honey lust, Pink Champagne, Shale, Satin taupe, Shroom, Woodwinked :-)

Then I also got the best eyelash curler ever, it just makes such a difference when you apply mascara afterwards! My mom got it first then I borrowed it and tried it out and it worked magically! I also bought 3 new lipsticks :-)
The Mac employee was so kind and helped me choosing the right colors for me! He just got some and told me what would look good with blue eyes etc. (although he loved seeing himself in the mirror haha), and I ended up buying three of them. I got "Really Me", "Stone" and "Ruby Woo", and he also gave me a 'Mac Pro' bag, that was so cute!
And another palette! I went so crazy.. But I had my eye on this palette for so long and since it's never available in Germany I gave myself a push and bought it! Then I also got an EOS ball bc EOS is also a lot more expensive in my country and this one is not available at all :-) And an Essie nail polish!
The nail lacquer I got is the famous Essie "Ballet Slippers" nail polish, a beautiful french nail polish, with a tough of rose in it!
And here you see the Natural Eyes palette by Too Faced! I heard a lot of good reviews on Too Faced palettes but I am not that interested in one of the Chocolate palettes so I got this one instead because these are just the best colors. Now I have enough neutral/beige/nude/black colored shadows in my life (for now at least..) :-)

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