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As a child I always wanted to become an interior designer. I literally built houses and driveways and streets and parking lots on a piece of cardboard, then I took the little toy cars from my brother and parked them in front of the house.. The houses were even modern and had little windows so you could look into each room.. Oh I wish I could show you pictures but my parents never took any and at the very latest from moving houses it got thrown away.. :( What I also did was cutting out the furniture I liked out of the IKEA prospect and just glueing them on a piece of paper and call it: My bedroom, my living room. I even have these in one of my folders in any box, I have to find it and show it to you! :-) I told myself if I wouldn't be successful in the fashion industry, then I would just be an interior designer. Another story I can tell which maybe influenced me for love doing and creating things by my hands is, that I often went to bulk trash (do you call it like that in english?) and just picked some wooden pieces and made something out of it. I never knew what I would end up with but I was always creative haha :-) So many memories!! So for this part of the series I created some ideas for the bedroom! Again I chose white, black and silver, only because it's my favorite color combo but you can go for whatever you want ofc :-) I even like a pop of color, like an orange chair in the corner or a colorful bed frame. Your limits are endless! Hope I could inspire you! Lots of love! PS: As usual, click for info! 



T-Shirt - HERE, Skirt - HERE, Sandals - similar HERE, Jewelry - HERE
And again the skirt.. I told you I live in it. If you want something chic but sporty you can go with a denim skirt, it's the right decision! :-) Here I actually kept it casual, with a simple v-neck t-shirt and these sick sandals from Michael Kors! They are called 'Sofia sandals' and you can buy them in many different options and colors. I thought these look beautiful with the python detailing and also that you can bind them in versatile options! And my good old Zara bag, which was I guess the best purchase I've ever made, this bag is truly a loyal friend! I got it in Berlin right before Fashion Week 2014. And I wore it A LOT, by a lot I mean a ton! On actually every outfit I wore this one, each day, all day, every day! Only in NY on the Top of the Rock it broke on the hinges, but I fixed it at home and now it's back again! :-) Also I wore my brand new jewelry by Shashi Jewelry with it so there is something glamorous about this outfit too! :-) 



Jewelry by Shashi HERE | Mac lipstick in Stone HERE | Powder mirror from Chanel HERE



Moving on to the next room :-) The kitchen or the dining room! Most of the times these two are combined, so you can furnish them together. And again my fav combo! I love marble, if it were up to me I would design my entire apartment in marble, just because I think it looks so expensive and chic and elegant! :-) But it is too costly so I have to restrict on the minimum! If you have some marble details it will make you kitchen look more expensive and also interesting in some way. Also the 'all black' cutlery and plates can make a simple meal look amazing! :-) The knife block and some kitchen necessities could be silver/metallic, instead of wood or plastic. Little notes in a nice writing and put in a frame could make a kitchen could more beautiful. It's up to you how minimalistic you want your kitchen to look like, but for me not too much and not too less is the right amount of details! LOVE


Bag - Vintage, Shirt DIY, Skirt - Zara HERE, Stilettos - similar HERE
NEW OUTFIT!! Finally there is a different post than collages and make up looks right? Well, it took me quite a while to be honest! I have four outfits planned for you guys, and I know, this one right here is quite summery but as I said a million times before, there was simply no time. Actually not 'time' but rather  a good time. For outfit pictures you need a photographer, good weather, good lightening, good mood and no pimples on your face (preferably). And there was no time where all of these aspects were applicable. But somehow I managed it to finally take some! :-) These beautiful shoes (and bag actually too) I wore at my graduation under the white dress I already showed you. You can barely see the heel because they are so reflective. Talking of reflective, I love that these shoes work perfectly with my Dior Reflected sunglasses! I wore these shades so much in summer, also in New York and it really gives something special and interesting to a simple outfit! Other that these two items I got this denim skirt in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE IT. I basically live in it 24/7! So comfy, still casual but chic in my opinion. And what you can't see is the open back of the shirt, maybe you can tell by the edges of it, but I really couldn't find a good angle to show it off.. Sorry for that, but I did it by myself, just taking an old shirt and cutting the back of it in half and sewing the seam together :-) I love that my more chic and elegant clutch works with a simple denim skirt together with some heels, so controversial! AND I really need to apologize for the quality! I accidentally shooted in RAW mode, which is the biggest quality setting on a camera, but most of the common edit programs to not support this kind of big data, so the quality gets lost.. So angry about that, but you learn by making mistakes. Hope you like this outfit anyway!!



Find every piece on! :-) (This post is in collaboration with Shashi Inc.)



THE BATHROOM! For me one of the most important rooms in an apartment, since it's the room where you shower, get ready in the morning etc. You have to feel comfortable in the bathroom in my eyes :-) It's all about silver, white and black again, but with a hint of green bc of the plants. I feel like plants can change the atmosphere in a room so much, it gives life to the room and also color, so I think that you can put a plant in the corner and it will look beautiful. I also think that some nice writings in a frame can make a room special and personalized, when you wake up and go to the bathroom that you have something that reminds you that you should be happy or something like I put in my collage, a decor hint on the wall can change a whole room :-) And what I really wanted to mention again is that it doesn't have to be expensive furniture, you can do a lot by yourself, for example the prints on the wall, toilet paper stand etc! Hope you like it too! Much love xx


Hello guys! As you might remember I worked together with a very special company called "Shashi" in the past. It's a company which sells high quality jewelry manufactured with lots of patience and precision. One of their rings I wore almost every weekend with the ring you see in the first picture, which was/is my favorite combination. This is actually my dream wedding ring, a simple silver ring, but later studded with diamonds! And the engagement ring next to it is very close to my imagination :-) So this combo only on the ring finger.. dream! Although the bigger ring is not from this company, I thought I could show you how I would style it, that it also works next to another ring in case you don't want to wear it by itself. This time they sent me also necklaces and other rings and I am more than excited to show them to you, so here's a little sneak peek! Stay tuned and keep yourself updated xx



Hello my loves! Today I have something new for you! Since I am currently looking for a university that pleases me I thought I would also think about the interior of my future home. Although I don't know where to study yet and if I actually have the opportunity to furnish the apartment (often there are already furnished flats), I thought I can already start with ideas! So I am going to do kind of a "series" with each part/room and today I'll start with the living room! :-) I think the living room is the most important room in an apartment, since you're spending a lot of time in there. You need a comfy couch, some cute decor and of course nice shelves and cabinets! :-) I put together some of my absolute favorites in the collage above, in the colors black, silver and white, since it's the most minimalistic combo! I could imagine living in such a room for sure! Also, if you think about the budget and the costs of everything, it might be expensive, but in my opinion it's better to save up for something with quality, what you'll have and cherish for life, instead of something with low quality which you have to exchange after a year or two, that doesn't make sense to me. So I would rather save up than spend money over and over again. And also, if you want to save money from the beginning: You can find many beautiful decor or even furniture in antique shops, flea markets or 2nd hand shops for less money, also you have to check the Ebay and Etsy platforms, because sometimes there are incredible offers! :-) That was my little interior talk for today, hope I could help. As usual, find every information by clicking on the collage. LOVE

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