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Bag - Vintage, Shirt DIY, Skirt - Zara HERE, Stilettos - similar HERE
NEW OUTFIT!! Finally there is a different post than collages and make up looks right? Well, it took me quite a while to be honest! I have four outfits planned for you guys, and I know, this one right here is quite summery but as I said a million times before, there was simply no time. Actually not 'time' but rather  a good time. For outfit pictures you need a photographer, good weather, good lightening, good mood and no pimples on your face (preferably). And there was no time where all of these aspects were applicable. But somehow I managed it to finally take some! :-) These beautiful shoes (and bag actually too) I wore at my graduation under the white dress I already showed you. You can barely see the heel because they are so reflective. Talking of reflective, I love that these shoes work perfectly with my Dior Reflected sunglasses! I wore these shades so much in summer, also in New York and it really gives something special and interesting to a simple outfit! Other that these two items I got this denim skirt in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE IT. I basically live in it 24/7! So comfy, still casual but chic in my opinion. And what you can't see is the open back of the shirt, maybe you can tell by the edges of it, but I really couldn't find a good angle to show it off.. Sorry for that, but I did it by myself, just taking an old shirt and cutting the back of it in half and sewing the seam together :-) I love that my more chic and elegant clutch works with a simple denim skirt together with some heels, so controversial! AND I really need to apologize for the quality! I accidentally shooted in RAW mode, which is the biggest quality setting on a camera, but most of the common edit programs to not support this kind of big data, so the quality gets lost.. So angry about that, but you learn by making mistakes. Hope you like this outfit anyway!!

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