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THE BATHROOM! For me one of the most important rooms in an apartment, since it's the room where you shower, get ready in the morning etc. You have to feel comfortable in the bathroom in my eyes :-) It's all about silver, white and black again, but with a hint of green bc of the plants. I feel like plants can change the atmosphere in a room so much, it gives life to the room and also color, so I think that you can put a plant in the corner and it will look beautiful. I also think that some nice writings in a frame can make a room special and personalized, when you wake up and go to the bathroom that you have something that reminds you that you should be happy or something like I put in my collage, a decor hint on the wall can change a whole room :-) And what I really wanted to mention again is that it doesn't have to be expensive furniture, you can do a lot by yourself, for example the prints on the wall, toilet paper stand etc! Hope you like it too! Much love xx

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