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As a child I always wanted to become an interior designer. I literally built houses and driveways and streets and parking lots on a piece of cardboard, then I took the little toy cars from my brother and parked them in front of the house.. The houses were even modern and had little windows so you could look into each room.. Oh I wish I could show you pictures but my parents never took any and at the very latest from moving houses it got thrown away.. :( What I also did was cutting out the furniture I liked out of the IKEA prospect and just glueing them on a piece of paper and call it: My bedroom, my living room. I even have these in one of my folders in any box, I have to find it and show it to you! :-) I told myself if I wouldn't be successful in the fashion industry, then I would just be an interior designer. Another story I can tell which maybe influenced me for love doing and creating things by my hands is, that I often went to bulk trash (do you call it like that in english?) and just picked some wooden pieces and made something out of it. I never knew what I would end up with but I was always creative haha :-) So many memories!! So for this part of the series I created some ideas for the bedroom! Again I chose white, black and silver, only because it's my favorite color combo but you can go for whatever you want ofc :-) I even like a pop of color, like an orange chair in the corner or a colorful bed frame. Your limits are endless! Hope I could inspire you! Lots of love! PS: As usual, click for info! 

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