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Moving on to the next room :-) The kitchen or the dining room! Most of the times these two are combined, so you can furnish them together. And again my fav combo! I love marble, if it were up to me I would design my entire apartment in marble, just because I think it looks so expensive and chic and elegant! :-) But it is too costly so I have to restrict on the minimum! If you have some marble details it will make you kitchen look more expensive and also interesting in some way. Also the 'all black' cutlery and plates can make a simple meal look amazing! :-) The knife block and some kitchen necessities could be silver/metallic, instead of wood or plastic. Little notes in a nice writing and put in a frame could make a kitchen could more beautiful. It's up to you how minimalistic you want your kitchen to look like, but for me not too much and not too less is the right amount of details! LOVE

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