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Hello my loves! Today I have something new for you! Since I am currently looking for a university that pleases me I thought I would also think about the interior of my future home. Although I don't know where to study yet and if I actually have the opportunity to furnish the apartment (often there are already furnished flats), I thought I can already start with ideas! So I am going to do kind of a "series" with each part/room and today I'll start with the living room! :-) I think the living room is the most important room in an apartment, since you're spending a lot of time in there. You need a comfy couch, some cute decor and of course nice shelves and cabinets! :-) I put together some of my absolute favorites in the collage above, in the colors black, silver and white, since it's the most minimalistic combo! I could imagine living in such a room for sure! Also, if you think about the budget and the costs of everything, it might be expensive, but in my opinion it's better to save up for something with quality, what you'll have and cherish for life, instead of something with low quality which you have to exchange after a year or two, that doesn't make sense to me. So I would rather save up than spend money over and over again. And also, if you want to save money from the beginning: You can find many beautiful decor or even furniture in antique shops, flea markets or 2nd hand shops for less money, also you have to check the Ebay and Etsy platforms, because sometimes there are incredible offers! :-) That was my little interior talk for today, hope I could help. As usual, find every information by clicking on the collage. LOVE

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