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T-Shirt - HERE, Skirt - HERE, Sandals - similar HERE, Jewelry - HERE
And again the skirt.. I told you I live in it. If you want something chic but sporty you can go with a denim skirt, it's the right decision! :-) Here I actually kept it casual, with a simple v-neck t-shirt and these sick sandals from Michael Kors! They are called 'Sofia sandals' and you can buy them in many different options and colors. I thought these look beautiful with the python detailing and also that you can bind them in versatile options! And my good old Zara bag, which was I guess the best purchase I've ever made, this bag is truly a loyal friend! I got it in Berlin right before Fashion Week 2014. And I wore it A LOT, by a lot I mean a ton! On actually every outfit I wore this one, each day, all day, every day! Only in NY on the Top of the Rock it broke on the hinges, but I fixed it at home and now it's back again! :-) Also I wore my brand new jewelry by Shashi Jewelry with it so there is something glamorous about this outfit too! :-) 

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