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Hello guys! As you might remember I worked together with a very special company called "Shashi" in the past. It's a company which sells high quality jewelry manufactured with lots of patience and precision. One of their rings I wore almost every weekend with the ring you see in the first picture, which was/is my favorite combination. This is actually my dream wedding ring, a simple silver ring, but later studded with diamonds! And the engagement ring next to it is very close to my imagination :-) So this combo only on the ring finger.. dream! Although the bigger ring is not from this company, I thought I could show you how I would style it, that it also works next to another ring in case you don't want to wear it by itself. This time they sent me also necklaces and other rings and I am more than excited to show them to you, so here's a little sneak peek! Stay tuned and keep yourself updated xx

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