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Hello guys! Happy Monday and happy Halloween to y'all! I know I should have made a scary make up look for this occasion but I'm not really good at doing horror clowns or skulls on my face, so I will represent a 'inner beast person', so you can't get scared by looking at me haha. So, I was a busy bee today, going to the post office shop, then I bought some groceries and later today I have to go back to the post office because I forgot to send out something very important (I am so good in forgetting things btw that's why I am the Organizer kind of girl..). Since tomorrow is an holiday, I thought why not do everything today! I took these two pictures some days ago, where I had kind of a relaxed day on the couch.. I know, fully dressed and make up on but it was real chill with 90210 (which is such a great series!! I am already at season 2!) and delicious food in between. Now I'm going to eat Pumpkin soup that my mum made this morning and I'm totally craving everything Pumpkin right now haha (unfortunately out local Starbucks has no pumpkin spice latte, what a shame!!!). Anyways, now I'm gonna eat and PS: You really have to check out the upcoming posts I showed as a sneak peek on my snapchat (@fionaschubert). LOVE

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