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Hello everyone!! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the weekend. Today I thought why not talk about what's going on at the moment, because I haven't really spoke about current happenings. So, to begin with is that I am currently working at the local shoe boutique to get some money so I can finally buy something I had in my head for quite some time (but that's another story..). That's what I am doing besides blogging. Then I also go on day trips when I have the opportunity to go! For example one week ago I was in Stuttgart for 2 days, yesterday I spent some time in Frankfurt (where I even met a lovely girl who follows me on Instagram <3) and I'm also looking forward to visit some of my friends who don't live in my city anymore. That were the things I wanted to do after my graduation: Gain money and explore cities! :-) It's now also official that I am going to Florence for New Years Eve for a couple of days (if you have any suggestions on where to go, write me please!). When I am not working or blogging I am thinking about doing some internships in fashion companies to get a closer inside look into the fashion industry and maybe make a decision on what to study at university next year. Yes I still want to study and it's still not clear what or where.. I wanted to study something with fashion, but fashion is so wide that it's hard to choose. I am also doing things I wanted to do for so long! Like finally go to the hairdresser, clean out my closet, make up my mind for new blogpost ideas, get inspired each day and I also wanted to paint my bicycle for a really long time, but still not sure if I should do this now since it's already fall! Anyways, today's the 1st October and exactly today one year ago I got my driver's license! Can't believe it's already been a year! Now I am going to sit down create some blogposts for you guys, such a lazy Saturday, but so much needed. Love you guys <3

Inspiration moodboard taken from my Pinterest profile @fiona_schubert

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