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Hi guys! Some days ago I was thinking about my NYC trip (not only bc NYFW is all over my social media feeds) and the amazing restaurants we were at. So many good restaurants with amazing interiors! Although I didn't capture everything with my DSLR, I still wanted to give you some tips where to go in NYC! :-) As soon as I knew that I was going to NY I browsed through the internet and through many Instagram maps to get the most of inspiration I can get (unfortunately the setting with the maps was discontinued by Instagram, worst mistake ever!!), so at the end I had quite a list. And we visited some of them for dinner bc obviously we couldn't go to all of them, but now I can show you 15 amazing restaurants to go to when you are in New York! :-) PS: Restaurants I actually visited are marked with a star (*) in the title!


1. Balthazar, 80 Spring St *
My parents had coffee there when we were shopping in SoHo. They said it's a cute café/restaurant with lots of delicious pasteries and coffee. It looks like the old parisian cafes! From the outside it seems small and inconspicuous, but from the inside it feels like you're in Paris! Definitely a must :-)

2. Jack's Wife Freda, 50 Carmine St
This cute breakfast spot was literally all over my Instagram feed during NYFW! But totally justified, since it's an amazing and delicious restaurant where you can order everything healthy and the most important and famous plate on earth right now: Avocado toast!!

3. Brooklyn Blender Bar, 25 Jay St *
We stopped at this beautiful old roasting company when we were strolling through Brooklyn! It was hot as hell on this day so there was nothing we needed more than an ice cold smoothie. They are prepared directly in front of you with pure natural organic fruit, they use fresh fruit and only the best ingredients, so they make sure it's 100% healthy and natural. They have many different mixtures, but mainly concentrated on the colors of the fruit, so red are berries, orange are mangos/oranges, green are avocados, kiwi and so on, but you know what I mean. Definitely a must as well when you are in Brooklyn :-)

4. Lafayette, 380 Lafayette St
Lafayette is also a cute cafe which we unfortunately had no time to visit.. But there's always a next time :-) I heard a lot about this cafe, that you can order delicious food and good bread, since it's a boulangerie inspired by Paris. Also the interior captured me! I love when restaurants/cafes put a lot of effort into the interior design and bathrooms :-)

5. By Chloe, 185 Bleecker St
Similar to Jack's Wife Freda and the Butcher's Daughter, this cute breakfast spot is also one of my faves! It's beautiful from the outside as from the inside and also the food tastes amazing. The Avo toasts and bowls are a big plus here and there's this special vibe going on while you're there. A big recommendation! :-)


1. THE WAYFARER, 101 W 57th St *
This restaurant was also very high on expectations when we went there.  I was told that the sushi there would be phenomenal so I ordered some and it was so true!! So delicious! As you know I'm a sushi lover and slowly but surely I am getting to know if sushi is good or bad. Most of the times I see the difference in salmon or better in tuna, because these two must be so delicate but still fresh so they taste, and they totally did! :-) Also the interior excited me when I entered. So beautiful!

2. The Butcher's Daughter, 19 Kenmare St
As said above this restaurant is similar to two others I wrote about earlier, because they also have an amazing avo toast. The interior is mostly white with this natural looking details like green plants. You could also sit outside which is not that often in NYC. Also a recommendation :-)

3. Market Table, 54 Carmine St
Market Table is one of the restaurants we could not go to since there was not enough time.. I heard a lot of good things about this restaurant so I will definitely go back there if I'm back in NY. From the outside it looks nondescript, but from the inside it's open and bright with the big windows :-) The poached egg showed on the right should be so delicious! Can't wait to try it!!

4. The Standard grill, 848 Washington St
The Standard grill was one of these all over recommendations I heard from many people and also from Bloggers! There the hotel, the rooftop bar and the restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. They have a terrace, which is super cute and also the interior looks quite nice :-)

5. Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave
Chelsea Market is like the Naschmarkt in Vienna, the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid or the Fischmarkt in Hamburg: it's just a whole area of FOOD. So many different options, so many countries surrounded by each other, everything your hungry heart desires! If you're hungry in NYC but not quite sure what to eat or where to go, just go here and you'll find exactly what you want :-)


1. Lucien, 14 1st Ave #1 *
Lucien is a tiny restaurant filled with so much love, believe me. It's such an old french cafe, with lots of personality. My mom said she had the best bouillabaisse here in a very long time and that should mean something for sure :-) The dishes in the card are mostly french, and the lovely waiter girl told us that Lucien, the chef, is also french and came here a long time ago. The food was so delicious I can't even tell! A must :-)

2. Catch, 21 9th Ave *
The restaurant Catch is located in the meatpacking district of NYC and a huge building. There are two floors of dining tables and a third one with a terrace. On the terrace you have a lovely view over the district. Although it was SOOOO cold in the restaurant (I don't know if the americans don't notice that the A/C is way too cold), the food was delicious and there are also many handsome good looking waiters at the restaurant (even if in too tight pants..). Also loved the interior! :-)

3. Mercer Kitchen, 99 Prince St *
Mercer Kitchen was one of the restaurants I had very high hopes on, just because I was told that they have the best burgers ever. The restaurant is located in SoHo, so such a cute atmosphere! You eat downstairs where it's very dark but I think it really gives this feeling of coziness and chill. We all had burgers and fries and they were SO good, so the hopes were totally satisfied afterwards! :-) The waiter was also very kind and I have to say that they were also very very handsome.. :-) Absolute recommendation!

4. The View, 1535 Broadway *
The View was the bomb of them all, not because of the waiter or the food, but because of the view (what a play on words haha). The concept of the whole restaurant was so new to me and so interesting and beautiful that I really forgot myself in some moments. The platform turned slow, so did not get dizzy or something (bc some people wrote that in the web and afterwards I couldn't understand it at all), but the funny thing was that when you left for the bathroom, you had to go another way to go back to your table because of the turning haha! The food was delicious though and my dad had his most expensive espresso for a lifetime (9$ for a tiny amount of coffee haha). But so worth it when you see the sun set!

5. Estiatorio Milos, 125 W 55th St *
The last restaurant I have on my list is this one right here. My dad already knew this restaurant because he's already been there before. He really wanted to go again bc he liked it so much. And that should mean something when you are in NYC with MANY restaurants. It's a mediterranean restaurant, so lots of sea food and healthy food. The whole interior is so beautiful, big glass windows and light! Definitely worth a visit if you love fish! :-)


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