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As you know I was born in December, so I am a total winter child! I would not say I love cold weather, but I don't hate it like others. I actually prefer 10 layers of clothing instead of a sweaty sun burned face and tight clothes and swollen feet because of the heat. That I am a winter child is maybe also the reason why I own around 50 coats and jackets made for the weather of Fall/Winter. I just love wearing jackets and coats and today I thought why do not make a collage of my current favorite styles! :-) Of course you can never go wrong with a simple blazer cut double button row coat in a neutral color like black, grey or white, but sometimes a special jacket/coat gives you that extra something, if you know what I mean! Therefore I chose three fur jackets in vibrant colors, like pink, peach and rusty red! Imagine a beautiful black dress underneath a big fur coat and then some over-knee boots.... DYING! What I am also obsessing about are the shearling coats everyone is wearing at the moment, it just looks so beautiful either with denim or with a different fabric! Also I wanted to mention the options you have with a simple leather jacket cut.. The blue one on top is the exact same cut and fit as a leather jacket, but it's not leather! And last but not least: You can always go for something more conspicuous like an animal printed coat :-) Hope I gave you some inspiration for the colder days. Grab some hot chocolate and cookies and enjoy your evening love! <3

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