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Winter season is know for Christmas, hot chocolate and the cold. I personally have 3 must have pieces in my wardrobe I couldn't live without during these cold months. Therefore I'm showing you what these key pieces are! :-) First of all: The perfect coat! There are many different options you can choose from, but for me the all time favorite and most versatile coat is the masculine coat! Wether it's a more classic one, or one with details, or playful one.. Every coat with the fit of a button double-row and a classic length is perfect for Winter!

The next thing is the ultimate jumper. Wether it's beneath a coat or simply layered with many other jumpers it keeps you warm during these cold days. The most loved material is cashmere! It's beside silk the most soft material out there! You can just snuggle in and your hands and neck are protected from the cold air blowing around. My personal favorites are the round neck and the loose turtleneck. The round neck because you can wear a shirt underneath or wear it on it's own, but also the loose turtleneck because I love wearing it on top of dresses and just fitted with a belt. So a simple black dress can be styled in many different options! :-)

The third and last thing I wanted to mention are sunglasses! I adore sunglasses!! Especially on told and gloomy winter days where there is no color at all and these accessories just give more life to your outfits. The statement and eye-catcher sunnies are a big plus on a simple outfit. It just gives that little extra. But also during trips I love wearing big glasses to hide tired eyes. Here I've only shown you high end sunglasses because I really think that you're whole outfit looks more luxurious with such pieces. I'm currently starting to 'build' my designer collection, and sunglasses are always a good idea to start with :-) It's a really good investment and they protect your eyes from getting damaged by sun rays! And extra note: Ever since I bought my Dior Reflected sunglasses, I never regretted it! They complete my outfits I could say, and many people complimented me on how well they suit me, which makes me so happy :-) 

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