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Yesterday night I was at the fair.. after maybe 4 years? It was so good to be back! Just the lights and colors everywhere brought back so many memories. We were on a few rides and ate some Langos (which is a Hungarian traditional dish) and is also kind of traditional for me. With it I always drink a hot mulled wine (is this how you say it?) and it just felt like Christmas is just around the corner! I also had a very very very bad experience, maybe you heard about it.. My friend convinced me on riding the horror rollercoaster (which I'm so freaking afraid of!!!) and I really thought it couldn't be that bad. But holy cow it was!! We rode it and after maybe 1 min of screaming and getting heart attacks there was a real man behind us touching us and screaming and I really died in these seconds.. After being outside again I really thought it was over and that was it and I needed some seconds to breathe and feel alive again. But then I turned around and I saw this clown with a huge chainsaw in his hands with this crazy noise and I just screamed and ran away and I really cried from being sooo crazy afraid. I had this deep fear and I had nightmares tonight just of this clown and this dumb ass chainsaw. Crazy!! It was just like in YouTube videos which are going viral right now.. where costumed clowns frighten and scare people with chainsaws. Guys, this is everything but not funny. Seriously. Other than that it was a really nice experience! Lots of love xx

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