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HAPPY FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT TO Y'ALL! :-) It's kind of a big thing in Germany (or in Europe?) That you celebrate the last 4 Sundays before Christmas. And the first Sunday is today! Traditionally you have a Christmas garland and in the middle there are four candles, and on each Sunday you light one of them, so on Christmas eve there are four candles lighted :-) It's so cozy before Christmas eve, everybody gets excited for presents and lots of food! Although Christmas is just 3 weeks away from now, I really have to focus on my birthday! It's on Friday, 2nd, where I celebrate with my family and on Saturday I have my friends coming over! I'm still thinking about which cake to make and what decoration to choose. There won't be many people, but my closest ones as every year. But until that day, have a nice week <3

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