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The t-shirt I'm wearing is from H&M, get it HERE
Lately I'm very into these band/group t-shirts that are available literally everywhere! I really wanted to get some 'real' vintage ones, not lookalikes, in NY this summer, but those I found were not what I was looking for. Now I have two Guns n' Roses t-shirts, but still no Pink Floyd one. My dad and I have a little insider on this band, therefore I would love a Pink Floyd t-shirt, but it seems like the 'The Dark Side of the Moon' t-shirts are not to find. Some day maybe!! :-) And what do you think of my make up look? I used the Morphe 35T palette again and went for a more purple with pink reflects eyeshadow look and I kinda love it! If I would have added a nice rose/pink lip to it it would've looked nice as well! And the background not to forget! Holographic is so nice as a backdrop! All those colorful stripes. (And no grain this time) Hope you like it, xx <3

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