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Today we went to one of the most famous places with a panorama view over Florence :-) So beautiful! Seeing the Duomo from above and the whole architecture is so pretty. Also the mountains in the horizon were more than perfect in the skyline. Florence so far was amazing! I was witness of a proposal, ate pizza tradizionale and saw some amazingly dressed women passing by (Italians have the best sense of fashion!). You also know you are in Italy when you eat gelato better than anything! And the weather was amazing as well. So basically everything is amazing!! Many kisses and hugs xx 


Opposite the famous Ponte Vecchio <3
Ponte Vecchio!
Luckily we had amazing weather!
These Aquazzura heels were to die for!!! 
Left the Aquazzura store, right when we had lunch in the sun at Piazza della Signoria :-) 
Happy sun happy me :-)
Insalata Caprese, one of my favorites <3  
Potentially the best meat I've ever eaten :-)
Left at the restaurant, right what I wore with my beloved bag <333
The outfit I wore! Nothing better than a big coat on cold winter days :-) 


The beautiful Christmas tree I chose myself and decorated myself (and I'll never forget to put up my pink ornament!!)
The tree and I :P
What we ate as starters! Salad + cockleshells.. YUM!!
Presents <33333
Lighted fire, a Christmas tree and music, family. So cozy!
One of the presents I received <3 It was make up from Mac, I'll show it in a future make up look!
Another one :-) Inside was hiding a brush I wanted for so long :-) Finally! 
These tree dishes were made by MOI :-) Made it already last year but I guess I started a tradition now. My mum lets me cook on the second holiday after Christmas! 
The main course
DESSERT!!! So freaking yum I could've eaten a TON of that!
Here's a little inside peek of how my Christmas looked this year. We surely had lots of fun and lots of food! Seriously, I was eating like a crazy person haha. But without that it wouldn't be Christmas, right? Anyways, I'm currently packing my suitcase because tonight we are heading to FLORENCE!! Can't wait! See you there I guess. Lots of kisses <3


I recently went on a little photography mission with two friends of mine up in the woods! Luckily we had really nice weather therefore I was actually excited to hike (I'm not that into hiking tbh). But as you can see: It was totally worth it! We drove all the way up with the car and afterwards we hiked to a frozen lake not far from the road (see picture 4). It was beautiful! I don't have them yet but I'll show them to you as soon as I have them on my Macbook to edit them :-) To see more pictures like these, feel free to check out the photographers: On Instagram they're called @maximiliantebbert and @lill_photographics. Lots of love!



Merry Christmas everyone!! Me personally adore this time of the year, there's no time where it's more cozy and relaxing at home. This year I'm actually wearing a bow around my shirt (which was a DIY in case you want to know where it's from) which means I'm basically a gift (somehow my parents could see me as a gift :P JK!!). My make up look is nothing overly dramatic, I wanted to concentrate on the bow (which has an amazing color btw, reminds me so much of Christmas). Our plans for the next few days: EAT, EAT, EAT! Today my mom is cooking her traditional Christmas eve dish and tomorrow I'll be cooking a 3-course-menu for my family. Will be lots of fun I guess. Right now there are candles lighted in my room and the entire house, Christmas music is playing and I just can't wait to eat and give and get presents afterwards!And my dad told me something about company games? Can't wait!! And PS: I won't be blogging until Tuesday 27th, because I really want to spend time with my family and rest and chill before we're heading to FLORENCE for NYE! So much love, kisses and hugs, enjoy your holidays <3


Hi guys, as you can read from the title, there are some technical problems on my blog right now. If you read my blog daily or weekly, you might have seen that many pictures of posts from the past disappeared. I haven't noticed until I wanted to search for a blogpost I wrote some months ago. Simply all pictures of 225 posts are GONE. If you want to click on them, you get redirected to another tab where it's written: Content not found. First I thought it was just a problem of blogger (the website I have my blog on), or from the domain company I'm working with. But one day later, there were more pictures gone. It drives me crazy! I'm really trying to figure out what the problem is. I think the main problem is that when my Macbook changed iPhoto into Photos, what it's called now, the blogger website couldn't deal with the changes. Therefore all my pictures I uploaded directly from my desktop went up totally blurry and in bad quality. So I searched for another possibility, and found out that I can copy and paste the URL codes from pictures. So from this point on I uploaded all of my pictures on Facebook, copied the URL and edited it in my blogpost. And I don't understand why they all disappeared now, because every single picture is still on Facebook, I haven't even deleted one. So right now I have to find another way to post pictures because I don't want to deal with that twice + I have to figure out how to save 225 posts without having to re-do them all. Please be patient and wish me luck xx
Unpublished pictures I took with my friend some days ago xx




Sooo, Christmas is just one week away and I thought why not share my favorite dresses? :-) This year my inspiration goes more into red and gold colored dresses, but also a cute black one never hurt! I like off-shoulder dresses, which has a nice skater shape. I finally found out how to link the dresses, so you can just click on the picture and head to the according online shop! Cool, isn't it? :-) So now you only have to click to the according images beneath the collage and voilà, you're getting redirected to the page! Imagine the first red one with some nice high heels/pumps and a cute clutch, so gorgeous! Or the black off-shoulder one with a statement clutch and some sick platform heels. Can't wait! Of course you can use these dresses as your inspiration for New Year's Eve as well, as I will be in Florence I guess a black and gold dress will fit perfectly! We will see, hope I could inspire you, lots of love <3


Hi guys!! I know I already posted some posts about my birthday but this one is all about the presents I received :-) I also got some gift cards from my male friends who couldn't decide wether to get me make up or clothes :PP So cute though! I also didn't include birthday cards because they are kind of private to me. As I already posted my main present - my beautiful YSL bag (see the post HERE), I didn't include it in this post. One of the biggest surprises was the ManusXMachina book from my family. Seriously, this was so surprising!! When we were at the exhibition in NY I really wanted to get the book where all the gowns and dresses were included, but it was kind of really expensive so I had to move on. And then my dad bought it secretly when I wasn't around and brought it all the way from the US to Germany and kept it 5 months. How awesome!! As you know I loooove books, and now I have one where I saw the content of the book. So nice! Then I received some amazing beauty products which I absolutely adore, some gift cards as already said and two new shoes! The Puma ones come with two different kinds of laces, so you have one which is more sporty and the other one is more chic in a silk kind of material. So nice! You can basically never have enough shoes :P I'm really blessed and thankful for all I got and maybe this will inspire you what to get your girlfriend or friends for their next birthdays, or Christmas, which is just around the corner! 10 days countdown! Lots of love <3

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