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The giotto cake I made by myself.. with my mum :P
The table
Brother <3 
Basically my life. 
Laughed so much that night! <3 
Bestie <3 
Sooo, that was enough celebration 'til Christmas! :-) As already mentioned that I had my friends over for a little birthday bash of mine. We ate cake and played games.. and drank alcohol ofc... Some friend couldn't make it so I'll go out to lunch or dinner with them during the next week. My siblings were with us at the table too which makes me always happy! My sister don't really want to appear on blog, as well as some of my friends. They are not that much into social media and blog kind of stuff so I will respect their privacy. We had a real fun time and I appreciate every single one of them. We played this game called "Never have I ever", and it was sooo much fun. We giggled nearly the entire time. Later that night my parents came home from their dinner and were kind of shocked haha. But nothing bad happened! I will show you what I got in another post, because otherwise this post would be too long. Hugs xx

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