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Hi guys!! I know I already posted some posts about my birthday but this one is all about the presents I received :-) I also got some gift cards from my male friends who couldn't decide wether to get me make up or clothes :PP So cute though! I also didn't include birthday cards because they are kind of private to me. As I already posted my main present - my beautiful YSL bag (see the post HERE), I didn't include it in this post. One of the biggest surprises was the ManusXMachina book from my family. Seriously, this was so surprising!! When we were at the exhibition in NY I really wanted to get the book where all the gowns and dresses were included, but it was kind of really expensive so I had to move on. And then my dad bought it secretly when I wasn't around and brought it all the way from the US to Germany and kept it 5 months. How awesome!! As you know I loooove books, and now I have one where I saw the content of the book. So nice! Then I received some amazing beauty products which I absolutely adore, some gift cards as already said and two new shoes! The Puma ones come with two different kinds of laces, so you have one which is more sporty and the other one is more chic in a silk kind of material. So nice! You can basically never have enough shoes :P I'm really blessed and thankful for all I got and maybe this will inspire you what to get your girlfriend or friends for their next birthdays, or Christmas, which is just around the corner! 10 days countdown! Lots of love <3

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