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The beautiful Christmas tree I chose myself and decorated myself (and I'll never forget to put up my pink ornament!!)
The tree and I :P
What we ate as starters! Salad + cockleshells.. YUM!!
Presents <33333
Lighted fire, a Christmas tree and music, family. So cozy!
One of the presents I received <3 It was make up from Mac, I'll show it in a future make up look!
Another one :-) Inside was hiding a brush I wanted for so long :-) Finally! 
These tree dishes were made by MOI :-) Made it already last year but I guess I started a tradition now. My mum lets me cook on the second holiday after Christmas! 
The main course
DESSERT!!! So freaking yum I could've eaten a TON of that!
Here's a little inside peek of how my Christmas looked this year. We surely had lots of fun and lots of food! Seriously, I was eating like a crazy person haha. But without that it wouldn't be Christmas, right? Anyways, I'm currently packing my suitcase because tonight we are heading to FLORENCE!! Can't wait! See you there I guess. Lots of kisses <3

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