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Sooo, Christmas is just one week away and I thought why not share my favorite dresses? :-) This year my inspiration goes more into red and gold colored dresses, but also a cute black one never hurt! I like off-shoulder dresses, which has a nice skater shape. I finally found out how to link the dresses, so you can just click on the picture and head to the according online shop! Cool, isn't it? :-) So now you only have to click to the according images beneath the collage and voilà, you're getting redirected to the page! Imagine the first red one with some nice high heels/pumps and a cute clutch, so gorgeous! Or the black off-shoulder one with a statement clutch and some sick platform heels. Can't wait! Of course you can use these dresses as your inspiration for New Year's Eve as well, as I will be in Florence I guess a black and gold dress will fit perfectly! We will see, hope I could inspire you, lots of love <3

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