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Hi guys! I'm turning 19 today! :-)))) At 6:30 this morning 19 years ago I was born (would my mom say..). I looked through my family album my mom created for me for my 18th birthday and I always get so emotional by all the memories I have. When my dad used to play "hit the pot" (is this how you call the kids game where you hit the pot?) for our birthdays, when I had my old high bed at our old apartment, when I used to go from bulk garbage to bulk garbage and collected wood and items I could use for something I would never use again afterwards, when I chopped my hair to the length of my shoulders, where I cried after my pets passed away and so on. Growing up with my siblings and be raised by my parents brought me so many nice stories to tell my grand children one day, I really appreciate my childhood. Yesterday night at exactly 00:01 my best friend called from Budapest! He's in the middle of studying for his final exams and he has basically zero time, but he called instead. And my other best friend (why is there no difference between female best friend and male best friend in English language??) wrote me such a nice message! I feel so happy and lucky because he and her are just such a nice people. I feel so blessed to call them my best friends!
Until now my day went by pretty quick, I slept out, had a long long shower and treated my hair with a special oil, now I am going to see my best friend, tonight we are going to eat at a sushi restaurant and I'm super excited because I am going to order a plate for 10.. but for myself :P I just LOVE sushi! Unfortunately I am not good at doing it on my own because elsewise I would eat it every day! Afterwards a friend is coming over and we are going to celebrate a bit, but not too much because the actual celebration with friends is tomorrow! So excited to see them all and also how they like my cake I made. This was something very exhausting.. You'll see it tomorrow! I'm going to bring my camera tonight so I can show you a few pictures. Much love xx

Many kisses to youuuu xx
Big cheesy smiles :-)))
Ofc my fav bracelets and family ring are a must :-)
My favorite movie. Liam is just.. the most perfect and handsome man in this world?

My fav perfume ever. If someone would ask my parents or anyone of my closest friend, they will answer with this perfume :P
And again, KISSES 

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