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Merry Christmas everyone!! Me personally adore this time of the year, there's no time where it's more cozy and relaxing at home. This year I'm actually wearing a bow around my shirt (which was a DIY in case you want to know where it's from) which means I'm basically a gift (somehow my parents could see me as a gift :P JK!!). My make up look is nothing overly dramatic, I wanted to concentrate on the bow (which has an amazing color btw, reminds me so much of Christmas). Our plans for the next few days: EAT, EAT, EAT! Today my mom is cooking her traditional Christmas eve dish and tomorrow I'll be cooking a 3-course-menu for my family. Will be lots of fun I guess. Right now there are candles lighted in my room and the entire house, Christmas music is playing and I just can't wait to eat and give and get presents afterwards!And my dad told me something about company games? Can't wait!! And PS: I won't be blogging until Tuesday 27th, because I really want to spend time with my family and rest and chill before we're heading to FLORENCE for NYE! So much love, kisses and hugs, enjoy your holidays <3

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