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Well, maybe you've already guessed it from my last post of my birthday bash by the big box from Saint Laurent, but now it's official! I bought myself my very first luxury bag :-) I couldn't be more excited because I really thought about getting one a loooong time ago. It's like my dreams are coming true all at once! First I got my amazing car, then I graduated from high school, then we went to my dream destination New York and now I have a beautiful luxury bag. It feels like a dream, but I don't want to wake up.. For me, designer handbags were always something super luxurious and not everyone could or wanted to spend their money on such things. But for me it was kind of a reward to myself. One thing is that these bags are made out of high quality materials and not made in China like most of the bags are. Classic brands produce in countries like France, Italy or Spain. Although you pay more for the brand, it's an investment. You will keep this bag (if you still like it in 40 years) your whole life and you will always look at it and know how beautiful it is and in my case, how long I wanted one and for what I worked many hours. Some years ago my mom got her very first Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas and my dad bought it directly at the store in Berlin. It came in this huge brown box wrapped with a big pink and yellow bow and I remember that I was so excited (even more than my mom) when she opened the box. I admired the bag right away, the perfect leather, the authenticity code, the smell, the zipper, even the small details were more perfect than ever. It was an experience! It's like when a kid goes ice skating for the first time, it's something new and unexpected. I really think this feeling should be there every time when you buy such things, not like you're buying something at the grocery store. It's the huge excitement that counts in my opinion. 

Why I exactly chose this bag? Good question. Some people will think I have a weird way to choose bags, but I really want to make the right decision and think about it twice before I invest in a bag in such a price range. When I started browsing for bags, there were some classic ones that were sticking out from all the others. I saved them to my desktop and never really looked at them again. But then, maybe 3 months ago, I was sitting in my room, thinking about browsing the Mytheresa website. So I just went through different brands, with no particular idea of what I was actually looking for. Then I immediately stopped scrolling when I saw this bag. Gosh, I fell SO in love. It was black, croco embossed and silver hardware. How perfect can a bag be? I maybe screen-shotted it 10 times by accident because I really loved this bag. And that was where I really started thinking about buying such a high end bag. I know that I wanted to buy one "sometime" but as I am such a believer in karma and destiny, I thought this should happen right now. Why should I see the perfect bag if it's not meant to be? Then I started to reckon and one moment later I was so persuaded to buy this bag that I wanted to buy it right away. One moment later I re-thought about the price point and other things such as the size, material, brand etc. and left the website without any further thought. That was the evil and angel on my shoulders. 

2 weeks ago I then made up my mind about buying a bag. By this point I put together a power point presentation (that's my weird way to choose a bag) with many different bags, at different price points, different colors, basically many different bags in one place. I started to write down a pro and contra list, to see how many negative or positive points I find for each bag. There was a Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci bags, other Saint Laurent bags and also some from other brands. I asked my family which bag they think suits me best or which one would be totally me. My dad is always this kind of amazing helper because he did this "exclusion procedure". He told me: No this bag is made out of pure suede leather, it will scratch easily,.. no this bag makes you look old, like a grandma, and no this bag is monogram with gold hardware, you don't own lots of things in gold. That was too cute! My brother made kind of a fun game out of it, by making jokes of the names, laughing at the price tags etc and not really taking it serious, but at the end he chose the same bag as my dad. And as my mother and my sister approved the decisions of my dad and brother, I chose my bag, it screamed my name basically. Suddenly, when I was ready to order the bag, it was sold out. WHAT. I was literally SO angry because that happened 1 week before with a coat I wanted so bad. I just couldn't find the bag ANYWHERE. On no platforms, even not on the formal website of the brand. I thought, then it shouldn't be. But I couldn't sleep, I reloaded the pages many many times to see if they restock it, emailed the websites, did basically everything to get this bag. I even considered going to Berlin for a few hours to see if they had it in store (because I saw that on the website). I was so sad, but then a few days later, I went to the formal website and it was available again!! Wholly cow, I was never this happy that something got restocked than in this moment haha. I immediately went on "add to basket" and bought it. YES YES YES!! Long story short and to come to an end: This is the bag that I fell in love within seconds, my family chose for me and that I was looking for for ages. It's the "Saint Laurent Sunset Monogram Bag in Black Crocodile Embossed Shiny Leather". I got it directly at, because 1. it was sold out everywhere else, and 2. because I really wanted to make this experience with unboxing and having the box (because some websites deliver such bags only in dust bags). The shipping was free, normally it's 13.50€ I think for normal shipping. Express shipping was 25€. The package to arrive took nearly 8 days (with Saturday and Sunday included), but I got an E-Mail when I made the purchase and also when it was shipped. To conclude this whole text, I love my bag and I will wear it with joy and pleasure and also will treat it like a little baby! It is the major focus on what I am wearing right now and now I think my whole outfits look so much cooler!! :-) You will definitely see it in many outfit posts and also in the ways you can style it :-) SOOO many ideas in my head. Hugs and kisses xx PS: At this point I'm adding a new category on my blog: UNBOXING!! 

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