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Hi guys, as you can read from the title, there are some technical problems on my blog right now. If you read my blog daily or weekly, you might have seen that many pictures of posts from the past disappeared. I haven't noticed until I wanted to search for a blogpost I wrote some months ago. Simply all pictures of 225 posts are GONE. If you want to click on them, you get redirected to another tab where it's written: Content not found. First I thought it was just a problem of blogger (the website I have my blog on), or from the domain company I'm working with. But one day later, there were more pictures gone. It drives me crazy! I'm really trying to figure out what the problem is. I think the main problem is that when my Macbook changed iPhoto into Photos, what it's called now, the blogger website couldn't deal with the changes. Therefore all my pictures I uploaded directly from my desktop went up totally blurry and in bad quality. So I searched for another possibility, and found out that I can copy and paste the URL codes from pictures. So from this point on I uploaded all of my pictures on Facebook, copied the URL and edited it in my blogpost. And I don't understand why they all disappeared now, because every single picture is still on Facebook, I haven't even deleted one. So right now I have to find another way to post pictures because I don't want to deal with that twice + I have to figure out how to save 225 posts without having to re-do them all. Please be patient and wish me luck xx
Unpublished pictures I took with my friend some days ago xx

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