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Good evening guys! I know it's been again 10 days of not posting but I was more productive on Instagram! As you can read from the title I've been in 5 cities this week, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Salzburg and Kitzbühel. A lot! My dad told me that he was going to business trips around Germany and Austria, so I wanted to join him! But instead of working like my dad I went exploring the cities! :-) Unfortunately Hamburg and Bremen weather sucked, it was gloomy and rainy most of the times (I actually haven't experienced the North with good weather?!), but Cologne was mostly sunny and Austria was amazing! I was a little overwhelmed by the degrees (there was -12°C in Salzburg.....and me walking around in see through tights, yessss). I wasn't really prepared for that colder degrees but I managed to stay warm by walking inside the shops :-))) And how can I explain you how beautiful Salzburg and Kitzbühel were? SOO PRETTY! I really fell in love with Salzburg, it has such a romantic vibe to it, like Vienna. I picked some of my fav shots during my trip so I hope you like them! And as I mentioned in my previous post; I don't like to carry around my big DSLR camera which is way to heavy and bulky but I was advised at a local camera store and I think now I know which compact camera I'm going for.. I may have to save a little more money than I expected but at the end it'll be totally worth it! <3 PS: Maybe not so appropriate for this post but I really wanted to mention it because it's an important day for me. Today two years ago my grandma passed away and every year on her anniversary of death I try to think about all the good she's done for me in the 17 years I knew her. So did I today and when we were in Hamburg my dad and I took a moment and thought about her because it was one of her last wishes to visit a concert in the new Philharmonic in Hamburg which didn't become true. So we visited it for her <3



Coat and dress from Zara, Boots from Ugg Australia, Scarf is by Stella McCartney and bag is obviously Saint Laurent (sometimes Instagrammer's make VERY clear their bags are from certain brands by repeating it a million times haha, there's is a logo on the front!! JK)

This was yesterday's outfit! I was actually just standing outside the grocery store when I really wanted to take outfit pictures, so I walked towards this wall and gave my mom my phone :-) I'm in desperate need of a small camera that I can take with me when I'm on the go. I love my phone and its small size and good quality for a phone but I need a better quality for outfit posts. I'm never bringing my DSLR 'cause it's way too heavy to carry it around all day. I did this some time ago and I ended up taking no pictures but carrying it around all day.. So next I'll get a small good camera. Any suggestions? Would love to hear them! To get to the outfit; I loved this look yesterday but it was really cold haha. Normally I plan on what to wear depending on how much time I spend outside, but yesterday I think it was -2°C outside and I was only in the cold for around 10 min, but my hands were kinda dead and numb afterwards. But every girl knows: Beauty knows no pain! Lots of love xx


Fur jacket from Zara (old), dress also Zara (now on sale in stores!) and boots from Guess :-)

I mean, what's better in Winter season than a big furry fluffy jacket? :-) I remember the day I bought this beauty! I think it was around 5 years ago haha, I saw this jacket when it first came out - and fell in love. I guess it was around 100€, fully priced. I had so many jackets that my parents told me no to this one. Then in sale season I saw it again, for around 50% off, but it still did not convince my parents. And again some time later, I saw it and it was only 15€. I was literally grabbing it and running to the cashier to get it because that was karma (in my head at least). Yeah, that's my little love story to this jacket! I already thought about selling it but I'm kind of an emotional person when it comes to a clothing piece with a special memory haha. The emotional thing is not the price, but the person I bought it with, who now lives in Paris and we don't get to see each other that much. Anyway, going ahead of sentimental feelings! I shot these pictures with my bestie some days ago, it was finally sunny again but still minus degrees. And fun fact: The last picture above on the right with that cheesy smile; imagine this smile but in male version, that's how my dad smiles! This reminded me so much of him haha and also my bestie and dad confirmed my thought haha. Let me know what you think, much love xx PS: I know these are not the best quality but they were taken with my iPhone 6 and we didn't plan on shooting with my DSLR. Sorry about that!! 

BEST OF 2016

I know I know, it's been already a week since I last updated the blog, but I've been really sick. My stomach was hurting like crazy and I've been just in such pain! I couldn't really get up, I didn't eat for a couple of days and it was just awful. I visited the doctor who couldn't come up with a reason for my pain so now I'm waiting for my blood analysis to arrive. Hope they find the cause! I think I already talked about my pain in my left upper stomach which wouldn't go away for several years but this week has been crazy bad. I don't want to go into detail but I couldn't do anything than staying in bed. Now I'm feeling better though, it comes and goes and now I'm at least able to eat normal stuff. This year hasn't quite started well for many reasons, but I'm trying to move on and put up some resolutions and must do's in 2017! At least that keeps me motivated and focused :-) Today I cleaned up my room and sorted out my wardrobe (it's literally falling apart bc of the amount of clothes I own..) and now I'm waiting for my pizza to be ready. Then I'll just chill again for a day and from tomorrow I'll be back on track hopefully :-) It's snowing like crazy which makes me partly happy and partly unhappy (car drivers will understand). I don't hate the cold and grey skies like others but I do prefer a little warmer temperature and sun out. Anyways, that was my little speech for today, I hope you're all doing well. Kisses xx 

March 2016: One of the best days in my life: Getting my beloved Mini <3 
July 2016: Graduating from high school. Picture taken at my prom with my bestie <3
August 2016: Traveling to my dream destination: NEW YORK CITY!! <3
Surreal moment up there <3
December 2016: Being able to buy my very first luxury bag. Saint Laurent Sunset bag <3


Hello my loves! I guess it's time again for a "Where to eat"! I really enjoy these posts because you get a little inspiration on where to go on your next trip. This time it's all about FLORENCE. The food there was INSANE and I would just go there for one weekend to enjoy their delicious dishes, because let's be honest: Italians know how to cook! This time I'm not doing a full breakfast/lunch/dinner post, because we always had breakfast at our hotel and went to dinner in the evening, so there was nothing in between. I only have one coffee spot for you and 4 dinner spots, but these 4 are an absolute MUST! They were simply all delicious! You know the drill, I'm gonna put the name first and the street and then leave a little comment. Hope you enjoy it!! <3


1. Caffe Rivoire, Piazza della Signoria 5
First of all we have a little cute historical caffe spot in the middle of Florence! The interior is very classical, to compare with the old Cafés in Vienna. I always see the whole, so the hot chocolate was very different but still good and the cake was very delicious but unfortunately Italians don't really seem to spend much time on the interior of their restrooms. They always have only 1 (for both sexes, which I don't like) restroom and then also only one toilette. And as you can guess, when the café is located on a central piazza with many tourists, you expect it to be very crowded, and by that I mean long queues to the actual entry of the cafe haha. But besides that everything was fine :-)


2. Trattoria 4 Leoni, Via de' Vellutini 1r
This was the restaurant we chose for the first evening when we arrived in Florence. It was a typical trattoria, lovely interior and good food. Nothing extremely special but still very good dishes. I decided to order some traditional gnocchi with broccoli fillings. Tasted so good! 

3. Trattoria Giovanni, Via Sant'Agostino 38R
I only have one thing to say about this restaurant: MOST DELICIOUS RIBOLLITA EVER! For those of you who don't know: Ribollita is a traditional tuscan/florentine soup. It quickly became one of my favs! So order that for sure :-) 

4. Il Santo Bevitore, Via di Santo Spirito 64/66r
This was by far my favorite restaurant. Lovely waiters, delicious food (great Ribollita :P), and my dad had his best lamb shank in his life (and that should mean something). Bathrooms were not good but that's just how it is in Florence or Italy in general. The dessert was simply a dream! Take the mascarpone cream with strawberries!! <3

5. Hotel Brunelleschi Restaurante, Piazza Sant'Elisabetta 3
This was where we had our NYE dinner. 9 course menu, lots of wine and beautiful interior. AMAZING restrooms (since it's actually a hotel) and all in all a lovely atmosphere. Big recommendation for New year's eve <3


When in Florence we went to the Gucci museo! It was one of the top three must do's in Florence. The building itself is very pretty, it has a beautiful cafe inside and something like a library. It also has a terrace when you're visiting in summer. The actual museum is small but still breathtaking, seeing all the seasons from 1990 to today, there's also a small area where you can actually buy Gucci items. The last picture was taken in a room that had these cushion pads all over the walls an in another room there were red velvet walls, so pretty!! There was a cinema as well where you could see videos from 1960 and the next centuries. Downstairs there was a little tape shown where you can see the manufacturing of a bag and all the steps how to create such luxury bags. So inspiring!! So to all ladies out there who are visiting Florence sometime soon: Go and see this museum <3


For anyone wondering: I wore a vintage velvet blazer, an ASOS dress and ASOS heels <3
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE <3 I hope you had an amazing evening with your loved ones and started the new year perfectly! As every year I made up my mind about what changes are going to happen or what I want to change in the new year. 2016 was pretty perfect, so I don't know what is going to happen in 2017 (is it only me who thinks it's weird that we're on our way to 2020??? I was born in another century!!). My New Year's resolutions are still not done but a few are clear goals!! Anyways, so we went to a special restaurant which is located in a beautiful hotel called "Hotel Brunelleschi",  and their interior was spectacular! Amazing moldings which I adore and gold and silver antique furniture. The menu was delicious too and I just had the perfect evening. I hope so did you and tell me what your new year's resolutions are in the comment section. LOVE

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