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Good evening guys! I know it's been again 10 days of not posting but I was more productive on Instagram! As you can read from the title I've been in 5 cities this week, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Salzburg and Kitzbühel. A lot! My dad told me that he was going to business trips around Germany and Austria, so I wanted to join him! But instead of working like my dad I went exploring the cities! :-) Unfortunately Hamburg and Bremen weather sucked, it was gloomy and rainy most of the times (I actually haven't experienced the North with good weather?!), but Cologne was mostly sunny and Austria was amazing! I was a little overwhelmed by the degrees (there was -12°C in Salzburg.....and me walking around in see through tights, yessss). I wasn't really prepared for that colder degrees but I managed to stay warm by walking inside the shops :-))) And how can I explain you how beautiful Salzburg and Kitzbühel were? SOO PRETTY! I really fell in love with Salzburg, it has such a romantic vibe to it, like Vienna. I picked some of my fav shots during my trip so I hope you like them! And as I mentioned in my previous post; I don't like to carry around my big DSLR camera which is way to heavy and bulky but I was advised at a local camera store and I think now I know which compact camera I'm going for.. I may have to save a little more money than I expected but at the end it'll be totally worth it! <3 PS: Maybe not so appropriate for this post but I really wanted to mention it because it's an important day for me. Today two years ago my grandma passed away and every year on her anniversary of death I try to think about all the good she's done for me in the 17 years I knew her. So did I today and when we were in Hamburg my dad and I took a moment and thought about her because it was one of her last wishes to visit a concert in the new Philharmonic in Hamburg which didn't become true. So we visited it for her <3

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