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BEST OF 2016

I know I know, it's been already a week since I last updated the blog, but I've been really sick. My stomach was hurting like crazy and I've been just in such pain! I couldn't really get up, I didn't eat for a couple of days and it was just awful. I visited the doctor who couldn't come up with a reason for my pain so now I'm waiting for my blood analysis to arrive. Hope they find the cause! I think I already talked about my pain in my left upper stomach which wouldn't go away for several years but this week has been crazy bad. I don't want to go into detail but I couldn't do anything than staying in bed. Now I'm feeling better though, it comes and goes and now I'm at least able to eat normal stuff. This year hasn't quite started well for many reasons, but I'm trying to move on and put up some resolutions and must do's in 2017! At least that keeps me motivated and focused :-) Today I cleaned up my room and sorted out my wardrobe (it's literally falling apart bc of the amount of clothes I own..) and now I'm waiting for my pizza to be ready. Then I'll just chill again for a day and from tomorrow I'll be back on track hopefully :-) It's snowing like crazy which makes me partly happy and partly unhappy (car drivers will understand). I don't hate the cold and grey skies like others but I do prefer a little warmer temperature and sun out. Anyways, that was my little speech for today, I hope you're all doing well. Kisses xx 

March 2016: One of the best days in my life: Getting my beloved Mini <3 
July 2016: Graduating from high school. Picture taken at my prom with my bestie <3
August 2016: Traveling to my dream destination: NEW YORK CITY!! <3
Surreal moment up there <3
December 2016: Being able to buy my very first luxury bag. Saint Laurent Sunset bag <3

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