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When in Florence we went to the Gucci museo! It was one of the top three must do's in Florence. The building itself is very pretty, it has a beautiful cafe inside and something like a library. It also has a terrace when you're visiting in summer. The actual museum is small but still breathtaking, seeing all the seasons from 1990 to today, there's also a small area where you can actually buy Gucci items. The last picture was taken in a room that had these cushion pads all over the walls an in another room there were red velvet walls, so pretty!! There was a cinema as well where you could see videos from 1960 and the next centuries. Downstairs there was a little tape shown where you can see the manufacturing of a bag and all the steps how to create such luxury bags. So inspiring!! So to all ladies out there who are visiting Florence sometime soon: Go and see this museum <3

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