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Coat and dress from Zara, Boots from Ugg Australia, Scarf is by Stella McCartney and bag is obviously Saint Laurent (sometimes Instagrammer's make VERY clear their bags are from certain brands by repeating it a million times haha, there's is a logo on the front!! JK)

This was yesterday's outfit! I was actually just standing outside the grocery store when I really wanted to take outfit pictures, so I walked towards this wall and gave my mom my phone :-) I'm in desperate need of a small camera that I can take with me when I'm on the go. I love my phone and its small size and good quality for a phone but I need a better quality for outfit posts. I'm never bringing my DSLR 'cause it's way too heavy to carry it around all day. I did this some time ago and I ended up taking no pictures but carrying it around all day.. So next I'll get a small good camera. Any suggestions? Would love to hear them! To get to the outfit; I loved this look yesterday but it was really cold haha. Normally I plan on what to wear depending on how much time I spend outside, but yesterday I think it was -2°C outside and I was only in the cold for around 10 min, but my hands were kinda dead and numb afterwards. But every girl knows: Beauty knows no pain! Lots of love xx

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