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Hello my loves! I guess it's time again for a "Where to eat"! I really enjoy these posts because you get a little inspiration on where to go on your next trip. This time it's all about FLORENCE. The food there was INSANE and I would just go there for one weekend to enjoy their delicious dishes, because let's be honest: Italians know how to cook! This time I'm not doing a full breakfast/lunch/dinner post, because we always had breakfast at our hotel and went to dinner in the evening, so there was nothing in between. I only have one coffee spot for you and 4 dinner spots, but these 4 are an absolute MUST! They were simply all delicious! You know the drill, I'm gonna put the name first and the street and then leave a little comment. Hope you enjoy it!! <3


1. Caffe Rivoire, Piazza della Signoria 5
First of all we have a little cute historical caffe spot in the middle of Florence! The interior is very classical, to compare with the old Cafés in Vienna. I always see the whole, so the hot chocolate was very different but still good and the cake was very delicious but unfortunately Italians don't really seem to spend much time on the interior of their restrooms. They always have only 1 (for both sexes, which I don't like) restroom and then also only one toilette. And as you can guess, when the café is located on a central piazza with many tourists, you expect it to be very crowded, and by that I mean long queues to the actual entry of the cafe haha. But besides that everything was fine :-)


2. Trattoria 4 Leoni, Via de' Vellutini 1r
This was the restaurant we chose for the first evening when we arrived in Florence. It was a typical trattoria, lovely interior and good food. Nothing extremely special but still very good dishes. I decided to order some traditional gnocchi with broccoli fillings. Tasted so good! 

3. Trattoria Giovanni, Via Sant'Agostino 38R
I only have one thing to say about this restaurant: MOST DELICIOUS RIBOLLITA EVER! For those of you who don't know: Ribollita is a traditional tuscan/florentine soup. It quickly became one of my favs! So order that for sure :-) 

4. Il Santo Bevitore, Via di Santo Spirito 64/66r
This was by far my favorite restaurant. Lovely waiters, delicious food (great Ribollita :P), and my dad had his best lamb shank in his life (and that should mean something). Bathrooms were not good but that's just how it is in Florence or Italy in general. The dessert was simply a dream! Take the mascarpone cream with strawberries!! <3

5. Hotel Brunelleschi Restaurante, Piazza Sant'Elisabetta 3
This was where we had our NYE dinner. 9 course menu, lots of wine and beautiful interior. AMAZING restrooms (since it's actually a hotel) and all in all a lovely atmosphere. Big recommendation for New year's eve <3

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