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Fur jacket from Zara (old), dress also Zara (now on sale in stores!) and boots from Guess :-)

I mean, what's better in Winter season than a big furry fluffy jacket? :-) I remember the day I bought this beauty! I think it was around 5 years ago haha, I saw this jacket when it first came out - and fell in love. I guess it was around 100€, fully priced. I had so many jackets that my parents told me no to this one. Then in sale season I saw it again, for around 50% off, but it still did not convince my parents. And again some time later, I saw it and it was only 15€. I was literally grabbing it and running to the cashier to get it because that was karma (in my head at least). Yeah, that's my little love story to this jacket! I already thought about selling it but I'm kind of an emotional person when it comes to a clothing piece with a special memory haha. The emotional thing is not the price, but the person I bought it with, who now lives in Paris and we don't get to see each other that much. Anyway, going ahead of sentimental feelings! I shot these pictures with my bestie some days ago, it was finally sunny again but still minus degrees. And fun fact: The last picture above on the right with that cheesy smile; imagine this smile but in male version, that's how my dad smiles! This reminded me so much of him haha and also my bestie and dad confirmed my thought haha. Let me know what you think, much love xx PS: I know these are not the best quality but they were taken with my iPhone 6 and we didn't plan on shooting with my DSLR. Sorry about that!! 

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  1. Such a funny story with your jacket, but I guess you enjoy it now? Pictures are very nice!


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