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Happy 4th anniversary to my blog (and happy Valentine's day as well <3). Wow, it's been four (!) years of doing this and I can't even put in words how time flies. Normally I would have come up with something special or an extra post for my anniversary but this year I have to be very honest with my blog and my readers. When I graduated the only thing I wanted to do was blogging and traveling and I guess I wrote it down in a post some weeks after my graduation. But what I actually did was traveling but not blogging as much as I hope I would. Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures and being in front of the camera but sometimes it's so time consuming. Not only for me but also for my family, friends and fellow human beings. Sometimes I wouldn't be motivated to go out and take photographs, sometimes I couldn't find a person who would take pictures of me and many more reasons why there weren't posts you expected.

You know that I really believe in destiny and karma. When all the pictures from 4 years ago were gone or better are gone, I thought this was it. This could not happen without a reason. When I realized that this happened I was kinda depressed and all of the minimal amount or the rest of motivation was gone as well. I thought 4 years of anticipation, dedication, inspiration, work and passion were for nothing because all the pictures disappeared. I found a way to re-upload the pictures but I won't go through 300 posts and update all of them, this would cost me too many days. So instead of being angry and crying and being sad I came up with a solution which (hopefully) works best for me. From now on I will try to post only one post per week. That means, there will be a NEW post every SUNDAY. I hope you're okay with that too, because for me that was the only way I could've saved my blog without deleting it forever. I still love being on Instagram and upload my pictures over there. If I can there will be more posts but I guess I will stick to my Sunday posts from now on. There will be no changes regarding the content or categories, but there won't be that many posts anymore. See you on Sunday, 26th February. Lots of love! <3

Blazer from Mango, Suit pants - H&M, T-Shirt - Zara, Heels - Kurt Geiger, Bag - YSL
YSL Sunset bag with Hermès Twilly as a bow detail :-) On the right a basic eye make up with some barbie pink lips called "Pink Plaid" from Mac Cosmetics <3
Burger dinner at a local grill restaurant, was so delish! On the right Brandy Melville sweater and some bold brown lips called "Stone" from Mac Cosmetics <3

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