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So it's been one week since my blogs anniversary and today I thought why not show you some details of what I did the past week. I didn't do much so that's why there are only two real days to mention, I literally was in bed most of the time and did not have make up on.. Effortless days! Hope you appreciate the details though! Hugs!

Wearing suit pants from H&M, v-neck t-shirt from Zara and old olive green jacket from Mango! :-) I did my make up pretty simple because I was just on the go to run some errands and go grocery shopping haha. So the color on my lips was "Stripped" Liquid Lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills <3
The moment you realize your mom's mirror has a ring light.. <3 I love cold lighting, it makes you look so flawless like you're at a MAC store haha :-)

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