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Today's look! Wearing a H&M coat, Louis Vuitton bag with Hermès Twilly around the handle <3
Sooo, this was the look I wore today when my Mama and I went to Baden-Baden to visit the Hermès boutique! I don't want to tell too much because it's kinda private but my mum is about to buy her first Birkin bag so ofc I had to assist her <3 The service was so incredibly nice, all our questions were answered within a second and our saleswoman was just so helpful and nice. We got something to drink, got explained every little detail about the accessories for the bag so it was a great experience. But now my mum has to decide if she's going for the bag or not.. But I really think she will go for it :P. Afterwards we had lunch but the weather wasn't that nice so we went home after that. Love! 

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