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FRESH SNEAKERS! I haven't bought new shoes since... November last year? I scrolled through the new products section and found them in the children category. I often also have a look at children stuff because a. they are sometimes cheaper, b. they often have amazing stuff for adults too. With this said, can we please take a moment and appreciate the beauty of these shoes? They are perfection! I love Stan Smith sneakers since they are so comfortable yet small on the foot. Some sneakers seem so bulky on my feet like Air Force 1's do, but some outfits especially looks including skirts need a narrow shoe! :-) The croc material and camouflage detail on the back are so special! Can't wait to wear them :-) Of course you will see them how they look worn, so stay updated on Instagram <3 xx PS: I know it's not Sunday but I wanted to show them to you anyway. I will do more posts a week when there's more to share :-)



Well, I started the new week by meeting a high school friend which I haven't seen since our graduation in July 2016 until a few weeks back. Feels so good to talk about old stories haha (seems like it's been 10 years since I graduated whaaat). You can see my make up I wore above and small details of my #ootd of this day. I found this new calligraphy style and I'm so obsessed with it. It looks so grungy but cool at the same time. I hope you can read the details? If not, please let me know!
On Tuesday there wasn't much to do..It was basically raining all day long and I stayed in bed and watched some episodes. Coziest way to spend such days! But I took these pictures from my home. And I think you knew but if not now you know: I am a big lover of art work! Paintings, artists, musuems, all kind of art stuff fascinates me :-) My dad recently got a new painting for a white wall and I'm so in love with it. Red fits into our rooms quite nicely so therefore most of our interior decor is red.. The painting just needs a hook and a proper wall where it can hang. We also need to remove the frame and then it can show its full glory. So happy with it and it's not even mine.. 
I was kinda scared of Wednesday.. I had my Wisdom Teeth Removal ahead of me and I could imagine all crazy scenarios, from everything will be fine to everything will go wrong.. But at the end it all went fine! All 4 wisdom teeth got removed. I was stunned so I slept during the operation and felt no pain at all. It was so weird when I woke up in totally different room. I had basically NO memories from anything, so crazy.. And still now I have no idea what happened but that's okay. I remember when the doctor said: We are now gonna sedate you know, you will just fall asleep. And then I woke up after a nap. My mum came into the room when she realized I was awake and 3 hours have passed? So funny. When we came home I took some pain killers and hold ice packs right and left on my checks because it hurt so badly.. But the day after was all fine, of course my cheeks were swollen and a little bit blue and painful but nothing too crazy what some people told me.. <3 

And that is what I looked like the day after surgery.. I kinda expected big cheeks but not this big.. It reminded me of a post card I received a few years ago (which you can see on the right). So similar haha! I could only eat soup and baby food and cooled my cheeks the entire day. Sleeping was a real game the first night since I was supposed to lie upright as much as I can but normally I sleep on my tummy so I woke up three times.. I need my horizontal sleeping position, otherwise I won't sleep. Anyway, the pain was not that bad, I took my medication and with that it worked out pretty well. 

On Thursday I did pretty much nothing so I thought why not show you a quick tb to Florence on January 1st this year. It's almost April and I have no idea when 3 months passed by.. Anyway, we are going back to Florence this summer and I can't wait to stroll around this beautiful city in summer clothing and eat all of the amazing dishes we had in Winter but during warmer temperatures. Ahhh can't wait <3


I'm wearing a jacket from Zara and my make up is basically all Mac everything.. I matched my eye make up to my jacket, wore a black t-shirt dress underneath with boots and my YSL bag. Lipstick is stated above and no, I did not cut my hair short! :-) They are just tucked in my jacket.. <3 
This was my look for a cinema night out with my bestie! Normally I wouldn't have chosen a bright red lipstick but this is my new ABH Liquid Lipstick in "American Doll" and since I'm way too excited to wait I just went for it. And it stayed there all night long!! So crazy in love with ABH's Liquid Lipsticks. And with flannels too haha. I wore it on top of a black t-shirt dress, see through tights, leather boots and threw on a leather jacket :-)
And there are days where I just think dark.. haha, jk. My mum said it looks a bit evil though, but I absolutely love it :-) together with a guns n roses t-shirt, a cute skirt and this bomb liquid lipstick! On my lids I had a combination of Mac's "Tan" pigment and Morphe 35T palette. 
Fresh manicure and pretty silver jewelry! Since the weather was AMAZING these past days I decided to get a bright orange shade on my nails. It gives me these spring feelings which finally start to appear! :-) On my nails I have Kiko nail polish in n°357 and all my rings are from Shashi :-) Shop their beautiful items HERE.  
And then it was Saturday! This was my make up on a rainy gloomy day. For real, my last picture was about spring and warm feelings and now it's raining again.. The only bright thing right now are my nails haha. Anyway! I went for copper shades this time because I just saw this color in my palette and wanted to paint my face based on this color. It's almost always like that, I concentrate on one thing I really want this day, like a bright red lipstick or a bright fluorescent pink. And around this I will build my make up. It's that simple haha. I applied my second favorite pigment from Mac called "Copper" and it's such a beautiful shade!! Applied with a dampened brush it works magic on your eye lids!! Then I used a bit of "Coppering" on the very inner corner of my lids and then some "Antiqued" and "Handwritten" shadows by Mac in the outer corner. On my lips I'm wearing "Stripped" by ABH. 
And Saturday was a special day as well.. Because on March. 18th, I have had my car for 1 year! I remember the day I hold the keys in my hands so well, like it was yesterday. My dad and I went to pick it up and I just saw it standing there in bright sunshine and I couldn't realize how lucky, excited, happy and blessed I was. I got a key chain even before I had my car because I couldn't believe I will own a car in just a little bit. And when I put on the key chain to the actual key it was incredibly satisfying. When I looked out the window and saw this pure perfection of a vehicle I just couldn't believe it and now 1 year later I still feel this way <3 Can't wait for many more years to come!! xx



Sooo my parents just came back from their vacation and ofc I had to ask them kindly if they could bring some make up items <3 Because I really enjoy Anastasia's Liquid lipstick, I had to get another two. I actually would have loved to get my hands on "Heathers" but due to high interest to this color it's sold out almost everywhere at any time :-( Like some years ago with "Soar" by Mac haha. But sometime later it will be mine! For now I finally have "Sepia" a brownish/lilac color, similar to "Stone" by Mac and "American Doll" which is a true red color, similar to "Ruby Woo", "Russian red" or "Red" by Mac! And ofc some Mac single eyeshadow pans because (you know my philosophy) they're much cheaper in the states! <3
Here is my first complete customized MAC eyeshadow palette! I really love customizing my own palette since there are only shadows I enjoy using and will never get 'rid off' if you know what I mean. I have a few palettes where I don't like the finish, the formula or the color so that's basically my "holy grail" palette! <3 Color are stated above :-) For swatches please search on Google pictures.

And today's make up look! I recently saw a picture of a decent eye make up and some bomb neon lips. So that's what I wanted today. It was sunny outside so I went for "Talking Points" lipliner from Mac all over my lips and some decent rosy shades on my lids. And of course Mascara! Hope you like it, lots of love <3 


I recently rediscovered these images on my VSCO archive and thought they needed a quick make over! You know this moment when you finally have found your ideal image edit and wished you could apply it to all your old Instagram pictures? That's what I thought while starring at my old editing settings.. But now they look better than ever in my opinion! A good edit never hurt nobody :-) I'm wearing an old shearling jacket from Gina Tricot, Calvin Klein t-shirt, H&M faux leather pants and Adidas metal toe sneakers! :-) PS: My hair were SO much shorter, incredible how fast they grew so long. Now they're a bit under my butt..
From the same day I found selfies from me and my bestie. I also have the right one framed in my room because I think this is one of the best pictures that was ever taken from us. This day was so cool, I remember it so well :-) So lots of love to by bestie <3
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