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FRESH SNEAKERS! I haven't bought new shoes since... November last year? I scrolled through the new products section and found them in the children category. I often also have a look at children stuff because a. they are sometimes cheaper, b. they often have amazing stuff for adults too. With this said, can we please take a moment and appreciate the beauty of these shoes? They are perfection! I love Stan Smith sneakers since they are so comfortable yet small on the foot. Some sneakers seem so bulky on my feet like Air Force 1's do, but some outfits especially looks including skirts need a narrow shoe! :-) The croc material and camouflage detail on the back are so special! Can't wait to wear them :-) Of course you will see them how they look worn, so stay updated on Instagram <3 xx PS: I know it's not Sunday but I wanted to show them to you anyway. I will do more posts a week when there's more to share :-)

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