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I recently rediscovered these images on my VSCO archive and thought they needed a quick make over! You know this moment when you finally have found your ideal image edit and wished you could apply it to all your old Instagram pictures? That's what I thought while starring at my old editing settings.. But now they look better than ever in my opinion! A good edit never hurt nobody :-) I'm wearing an old shearling jacket from Gina Tricot, Calvin Klein t-shirt, H&M faux leather pants and Adidas metal toe sneakers! :-) PS: My hair were SO much shorter, incredible how fast they grew so long. Now they're a bit under my butt..
From the same day I found selfies from me and my bestie. I also have the right one framed in my room because I think this is one of the best pictures that was ever taken from us. This day was so cool, I remember it so well :-) So lots of love to by bestie <3

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  1. Ich wollte diese Schuhe schon so lange und sie gibt es einfach garnicht mehr :(((( gibt es eine Chance das du sie verkaufst?


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