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Sooo my parents just came back from their vacation and ofc I had to ask them kindly if they could bring some make up items <3 Because I really enjoy Anastasia's Liquid lipstick, I had to get another two. I actually would have loved to get my hands on "Heathers" but due to high interest to this color it's sold out almost everywhere at any time :-( Like some years ago with "Soar" by Mac haha. But sometime later it will be mine! For now I finally have "Sepia" a brownish/lilac color, similar to "Stone" by Mac and "American Doll" which is a true red color, similar to "Ruby Woo", "Russian red" or "Red" by Mac! And ofc some Mac single eyeshadow pans because (you know my philosophy) they're much cheaper in the states! <3
Here is my first complete customized MAC eyeshadow palette! I really love customizing my own palette since there are only shadows I enjoy using and will never get 'rid off' if you know what I mean. I have a few palettes where I don't like the finish, the formula or the color so that's basically my "holy grail" palette! <3 Color are stated above :-) For swatches please search on Google pictures.

And today's make up look! I recently saw a picture of a decent eye make up and some bomb neon lips. So that's what I wanted today. It was sunny outside so I went for "Talking Points" lipliner from Mac all over my lips and some decent rosy shades on my lids. And of course Mascara! Hope you like it, lots of love <3 

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