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When at Jardin de Luxembourg, the weather was crazy beautiful and it was warm. I think that was day 3 or 4? The flowers everywhere + the great weather made this day so special. 
I won't do this in particular order since I took so many pictures but yes, of course I had to see the Eiffel tower. I think no matter how often you come to Paris, the Eiffel tower is a big fat MUST. I caught myself just smiling randomly when I saw it while getting off the bus. I don't know why, it was just magical. The breeze in the air, sun rays all over the place and just good mood. This can't beat anything! <3
The next few pictures were taken at Jardin de Luxembourg as well. As already said, this day was pretty magical. Just look at the flowers!! 
This architecture though :-)
A little selfie hehe and ofc the famous chairs :-) Unfortunately (like for real, I'm so sad about it now haha) I didn't get to be in any picture I took because as you might have guessed I walked around alone most of the time and I didn't want to ask strangers to take photos of me because a. they expect you to pose like a normal tourist (which I don't want to be haha) and b. because they mostly take only one shot and this always happens to end up bad. So yeah, front camera had to do its thing lol. 
Greens and dusty boots <3
The last ones of Jardin de Luxembourg! The palm trees inside this building caught my sight!
And obviously Arc de Triomphe is a must as well! I've never been up there and I actually planned on finally going this time but yeah, as usual it was very crowded and I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me so hm, I decided: Next time!  
Because I had to include it in this post as well! The fair we went to was pretty cool from its attractions and food but honestly, the people were everything but nice. Every two second you got hit by an arm or a kid and then there so many people staring at you like they've never seen a human being. Sometimes people can be so gross! 
Walking around the Grand Palais and Louvre! <3
Louvre! As well as the Arc de Triomphe from above I have never ever seen the Mona Lisa in front of me or the Louvre from inside. I had this plan on visiting it finally but then I saw the queue in font of it and turned to the other direction. I don't know, maybe I have to go on a Monday very early when everybody is at school and every country in Europe does not have holidays. I don't like crowded places or a big amount of people around me.. But it was great to see the architecture again <3
Haussmannian buildings! My favorite of all time <3 I would rather live in a high ceiling apartment than modern low wall white apartment. Always!
Just so much love for Parisian architecture and doors! You could literally shoot 20 outfits in one street in Paris haha! 
The Seine! I don't know exactly which bridge this was taken on but there are so many bridges with great view on the Eiffel tower. Just cross any of them! <3
This moment was just so good. The view, the air, so so nice!
Again, selfie action!! :PP
I surely know the name of this bridge haha, it's Pont Alexandre III, one of the most famous and most beautiful bridges in Paris! And great view as well :-)
The wind was crazyyy on this day, I stood there for around 10 minutes before I actually could take a serious picture without hair all over my face and air haha.
Musee d'Orsay, which I actually planned to visit but as so often, the queue was phenomenal long!! That ruined so many of my plans haha. 
Here I've been at Jardin Tuileries it's a lot bigger than Jardin de Luxembourg, and the weather on this day was very bad, it changed between rain and sun rays every 2 seconds. 
But this view made it all worth it.. :P
On another day I visited the famous Le Bon Marché, a luxury shopping center with all designer brands you could ask for. Although it's very expensive, I think it's worth a visit just because of the beautiful fashion mannequins and architecture :-) 
Here the view on the escalators and the view out of a window! 
Place Vendôme, just because it looks pretty :-)
And La Grande Roue de Paris! So pretty and it's located on one end of Jardin Tuileries!
Panthéon! Such a pretty but enormous building :-) Had an ice cream at a ice cream chain called "Amorino" and I swear the best coconut ice cream ever! So delish <3
A pretty entrance I thought looked cute :> and a selfie of moi :-)
Walking down the streets and seeing all these beautiful buildings. Magical! And a little stop at Zara of course! Bought this shirt + pants btw, new fav basic combo <3 In case you wanna buy them, pants HERE, t-shirt HERE
Rue Cambon, by far my absolute favorite street! No people looking strangely at you, kind hearted staff at Zara boutique and just a super nice atmosphere. Can't wait to go back here one day and buy my very first Chanel ever <3 
Next to Rue Cambon is Rue Saint-Honoré, super nice as well! There I found this cool neon sign. Thought it looked cute and I liked the motto ;-) On the right some Polaroids I took. Love them!
Me and me and my friend I visited. She had to work most of the times but I was still so happy to see her again. Can't wait to go back and visit her again. Maybe this year again? We'll see <3
The perfect last hours in Paris :-) I had to get as near as possible to the Eiffel tower and enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait to go back <3


  1. Ich möchte auch unbedingt nach Paris. Bist du geflogen oder zug gefahren ? kann es kaum erwarten. lg :P

    1. Ich bin Zug gefahren, weil es von meiner Heimatstadt nicht so weit ist. Liebe Grüße zurück! :-)


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