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Sooooo, hello from Paris! I'm here visiting a good friend of mine which I never see because of the distance. But now we have 2 wonderful weeks ahead of us! I came here on Thursday night and above you can see the main things we did. On day 1, Friday, it was wonderful weather with 20°C outside so that was pretty amazing! But I literally felt the pain of walking through the city all night haha, it's just that I'm not used to these long city walks anymore. My Health app on my phone said 16.000 steps and I felt that in my back and my feet. I literally died haha. On Friday it was my friends birthday so we went clubbing that night and I didn't go out for so long. I felt the alcohol after only 1 min.. We danced a lot and had so much fun! On Saturday we went to a local fair in Paris and I have to admit it wasn't that nice, not because of the fair in general because it was great, but because of the people. Why are people so crazy and know no behavior? So rude. A man came up to me and touched me on my back once and then I turned around and looked strange at him because he just put his hand on my back? And then I moved on without any concern and then he slapped me so hard it hurt. I don't know what's wrong with people, really. Anyways, besides that the last couple of days were great. Yesterday night we went partying again and as you can see in the last picture, this club was SICK. So crazy, an aquarium directly in front of us. Again, there were some rude people but I guess that's normal in a club. I drank a tiiiny little too much what I felt this morning but yeaaah, it was so nice! I'm so glad I'm here and I'm going to create a plan where to go, what to do, etc! Maybe there will be more posts in the next 10 days because 2 posts are just not enough for Paris :-) Many kisses & hugs, xx <3

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  1. Hab mir alle seiten angeschaut und ich liebe deine posts einfach !! Werde jetzt öfter vorbei schauen. :**


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