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Such a boho vibe going on.. but I love it! It's kinda my new obsession to wrap small scarfs or bandanas around my neck and I thought it would look cool with this jacket! Btw, my sister wore this jacket when she was younger. Back in the day when my dad travelled around the world he got so many clothes for me and my siblings and this is one of the items! It's from GAP and actually for kids as I said but I love wearing it still. That shows that trends do come back! (I mean the shearling collar) And then my beloved Ray Ban Round Metal! I'm for sure getting a second pair of those and I think I will go for silver! I just tend to wear silver a lot more than gold.. And did you see the 'hexagonal' model on Instagram as much as I did? They are everywhere! But maybe I have to get these ones as well.. So yeah, for outfit detail: Jacket from Gap, Sunnies Ray Ban and Bandana a vintage one I found in my closet haha. Kisses & hugs! <3


Grinsebacke.. I don't know how to translate this in english but it's when you smile all the time! And I indeed was this day! It was warm, the sun was shining, or it was actually setting and it was just beautiful! I loved how my curls turned out and I can't even explain my love for off shoulder shirts. Ahhh! I will wear them to death this summer :-) And I'm actually still wearing leather pants.. Although the temperatures make it impossible but I just love them to bits! Was that Australian? I do tend to hear Australian accents on YouTube and then they are stuck in my head haha. Anyways! The two beautiful bracelets on my right hand (on the pictures the left part) are from Shashi as you know, the other one from Pandora. Big hugs <3 



Yesterday I finally played with my DSLR again! Seriously, after such a long time taking pictures with my phone instead of a good quality camera, I felt so good to edit on my laptop and play around with new edits and settings! This is what I ended up with yesterday night. An old film strip and some grainy old looking self portraits! I don't know why I'm always doing weird faces on pictures.. I guess to get some variety? I finally know all the settings on the camera itself so it's a less long process to edit pictures. I now love to shoot in Manual setting and then try to adjust the features I want! I edit my pictures mostly on a program called "Polarr" and I really enjoy it! It took some time to get into a new program since I tried out SO many but I guess I found the perfect one now :-) Anyways, I hope you like it! Happy Sunday xx




Wearing a vintage camo jacket I found at the thrift store, Mango dress from last year, but wore it in older outfit pictures, Stan Smith and my YSL Sunset bag
Today was amazing. That's basically all I need to say. I felt incredible, the weather was great and the whole day was just nice :-) This is what I wore and me and a friend went to a local park where I basically never went to but totally regretted the moment I was there! No people, warm weather and ice cream! Outfit deetz are above, lots of love <3


Hoodie dress - Bershka, Jacket - Levi's, Boots - Guess, Jewelry - Pandora and Shashi
When in doubt, wear denim <3 This hoodie dress make life so easy haha! When I came back from Paris I had go grocery shopping and I just threw on this dress + sneakers and headed out the door. So cozy! And I love to tuck my hair into my dresses, it seems like I cut my hair but naaah I didn't :P Sometimes my hair are too long and messy to handle so that's my plan B if I don't want to spend hours with teezing and styling them. I really need to get a tan soon because I'm white like cheese on literally every picture I take. Thank god for editing programs haha. Anyways, lots of love <3 and PS: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EACH MOMMY OUT THERE! I LOVE MY MAMA TO THE MOON AND BACK <3



Yes, I guess that sounds crazy but it's the truth haha. I've been to 6 countries in 24h, or better, I drove through 6 countries haha. On Sunday morning we drove from Luxembourg to France, to Switzerland, to Italy, spent the night there and drove back through Austria to Germany. What a trip, I guess that makes nearly 1500km from Saturday morning to Monday night.. Crazy!! Happy to be back home, but I thought I would share some pictures of the trip or better from where I've been in the past week. I was in Berlin and Varese, unfortunately the weather sucked and it was raining most of the time but I got to see a good friend of mine who's living in Berlin and got to spend a lot of time with my dad in the car driving through countries haha. Details are beneath each pic <3 LOVE PS: Yes, update on a Tuesday! It depends where or what I'm up to in the week. 

When we arrived in Varese, this view; I was dyyyying!! <3 || And yeah, me again :PP 
Left when I was walking around in Varese || Right a beautiful building in Varese <3 
Left when we drove back through Switzerland. I am obsessed with mountains <3 || right on our balcony in Varese. So pretty <3
Guess boots, Zara pants, Bershka t-shirt, H&M coat and YSL bag <3 
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