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Yes, I guess that sounds crazy but it's the truth haha. I've been to 6 countries in 24h, or better, I drove through 6 countries haha. On Sunday morning we drove from Luxembourg to France, to Switzerland, to Italy, spent the night there and drove back through Austria to Germany. What a trip, I guess that makes nearly 1500km from Saturday morning to Monday night.. Crazy!! Happy to be back home, but I thought I would share some pictures of the trip or better from where I've been in the past week. I was in Berlin and Varese, unfortunately the weather sucked and it was raining most of the time but I got to see a good friend of mine who's living in Berlin and got to spend a lot of time with my dad in the car driving through countries haha. Details are beneath each pic <3 LOVE PS: Yes, update on a Tuesday! It depends where or what I'm up to in the week. 

When we arrived in Varese, this view; I was dyyyying!! <3 || And yeah, me again :PP 
Left when I was walking around in Varese || Right a beautiful building in Varese <3 
Left when we drove back through Switzerland. I am obsessed with mountains <3 || right on our balcony in Varese. So pretty <3
Guess boots, Zara pants, Bershka t-shirt, H&M coat and YSL bag <3 

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