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Grinsebacke.. I don't know how to translate this in english but it's when you smile all the time! And I indeed was this day! It was warm, the sun was shining, or it was actually setting and it was just beautiful! I loved how my curls turned out and I can't even explain my love for off shoulder shirts. Ahhh! I will wear them to death this summer :-) And I'm actually still wearing leather pants.. Although the temperatures make it impossible but I just love them to bits! Was that Australian? I do tend to hear Australian accents on YouTube and then they are stuck in my head haha. Anyways! The two beautiful bracelets on my right hand (on the pictures the left part) are from Shashi as you know, the other one from Pandora. Big hugs <3 

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  1. Locken stehen dir so gut!! Finde die Bilder so so schön, solltest du öfter tun. LG Pauline :-*


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