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Yesterday I finally played with my DSLR again! Seriously, after such a long time taking pictures with my phone instead of a good quality camera, I felt so good to edit on my laptop and play around with new edits and settings! This is what I ended up with yesterday night. An old film strip and some grainy old looking self portraits! I don't know why I'm always doing weird faces on pictures.. I guess to get some variety? I finally know all the settings on the camera itself so it's a less long process to edit pictures. I now love to shoot in Manual setting and then try to adjust the features I want! I edit my pictures mostly on a program called "Polarr" and I really enjoy it! It took some time to get into a new program since I tried out SO many but I guess I found the perfect one now :-) Anyways, I hope you like it! Happy Sunday xx


  1. This grain is really cool. You got so much better in taking pictures throughout the years. Happy for you! :))

  2. Welches Shampoo und Spülung benutzt du? Deine Haare glänzen immer so schön !! :) Grüße aus Dresden

    1. Ist immer unterschiedlich, je nachdem wie sich meine Haare anfühlen. Meine liebsten Produkte sind unter anderem die Keratin Serie von Hask (das Keratinöl ist ein MUST für mich) und die Pantene Glatt & Seidig Serie. Ich werde aber demnächst einen ausführlichen Post dazu machen. Hoffe ich konnte dir helfen! xx


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